23 January 2009

Grown Up Spaces!!!

Oh, it doesn't look like a juvenile florophile got into my room with tacky accessories! I have a fun duvet cover that is wonderfully reversible and some quirky new knobs on this little chest of drawers I have. And I put up a semblance of actual "artwork" in the bathroom, and although it's from Ikea, it still looks better than the purple "cat" clock that was previously there. My desk is clean, and there is lovely overcast light coming in through the windows. Overcast days are my favorite to photograph and create on. I just LOVE them. Oh, and speaking of l-o-v-e, Valentines Day is just around the corner. I don't think I've really told anybody, but of all the holidays Valentines is my favorite. I just love getting to make romantic looking cards and sweet treats and having a reason to be super, gooshy nice to people just because. I want to be more like Valentines all of the time with me. Sort of like, I like to give the people in my family gifts throughout the year, because Christmas isn't about that anyway and it's so much nicer to be a little unpredictable. Keep and eye out for lots of pictures and Valentiney stuff...

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