22 April 2008

The mean reds...

Well, I haven't posted anything in 22 days. So sorry. I have been a little unlike myself lately. My little sis is leaving for northern California for the summer and I won't see her for three months or longer. I'm having a hard time. We just had her graduation party here at the house and invited a bunch of friends and had lots of food and all that. She is going to work at a camp that she has really wanted to work at for a long time, so I am glad for her, but I don't know what it will be like without her around. Needless to say, my inspiration to post here has not been at the front of my mind. I hope you all understand. I'm just a sappy big sis with a case of the "mean reds" as Audrey Hepburn called them in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I made a short video title "Through a Sister's Eyes" and played it on the night of her graduation. We both cried. Ciao 'till later.

01 April 2008

More thoughts on the Leica

I think that I should explain my current thought process and reasoning behind my interest in the Leica M8. I have spent a lot of time working with my Canon 20D now, and have found that I just had such a hard time getting the color, clarity and sharpness from it that I want. I feel very conspicuous whenever I pull it out of my bag, and feel that I have lost that manual connection between the camera and photographer. I became interested in the M8 when I found out that it was all manual and very similar in design to a film camera. Now, as you know, I have been working with large form at for over half the semester now, and have really enjoyed the photographs that I am making. I do not plan on abandoning or giving up large format. I simply have been turning the thought over in my head to either go only to film, or find an alternative to my current digital that has not been meeting my needs. Well, I think that the Leica would definitely meet the needs of a digital camera while upholding better optical standards and simplicity of control. When I held the M8 in the leather half-jacket it fit in my hands as if it was made for me. The simplicity of design was more of what I have wanted to find in a camera since I began shooting with the more complex 20D. It makes more sense to me at this point to make progress in getting the M8, since I have access to a large format camera.