29 April 2009

Chuhuly Exhibit - Part III

This is the third installation of Chuhuly photos from the Botanical Gardens. I told Mom and Dad how many photos I had taken (over 700), and that it was taking some considerable time to sort through them all. So here are more of the glass installations...

Chihuly Exhibit - Part II - Plants

I decided to break up the next installation to show you the plants that I photographed. I had such a good time wandering through all of the blooming flowers. I was thinking mostly about the glass exhibit when I bought my tickets, but when I got there, I realized I had come at the perfect time for the spring flowers as well. I also got to spend an extra hour there that I didn't think I had at first, but I had some parts of the garden to myself for the most part after about 8:30pm. So without further adieu, here are the plants....

Shot with M8 (below)
Shot with M8 (below)

28 April 2009

Tea Party Planning

I finally decided on the food for my Royal Summer Tea on May 2. I am going to make three different tea sandwiches: cucumber, egg salad, and a sophisticated ham and gouda with apple. I think I am going to make a savory Tourte Milanese. Then some buttermilk scones and Hungarian shortbread. I have three teas as well to go with the yummy things to eat; Twinings of London - Ceylon Orange Pekoe (a cheaper tea that has a medium body and is a nice black tea), and two from Harrisons and Crosfield: exotic China White Orange and Mango and fragrant Japanese Cherry Sencha. Both are whole leaf teas, but the latter is a green tea. They are more expensive than the Pekoe, and are very light teas. I love them because they are so smooth and airy. Today, since I got off work early, I went to Sur La Table and bought a digital thermometer (I have been wanting one), a citrus zester/garnisher/scorer, some biscuit cutters and some mini cupcake liners, and a cookbook called Baking with Julia. The cookbook is based on the PBS series hosted by Julia Child. I sure wish I could have met her before she died. Anyway, I am going to go edit more of the Chuhuly photos now so I can post them later....

27 April 2009

Chuhuly Exhibit - Part I

These are some of the photos I took on Sunday at the Desert Botanical Gardens. I took over 700 images, so needless to say, I am having to take my time and find my favorites. So far, the first image is my favorite. I took it with the Leica, and I did NO POST PROCESSING on it at all besides using photomerge in CS4 to stitch them together. There will be more to come, but it's getting late and I need to pull myself away from editing so that I actually get some sleep. It was a long, but good weekend and the garden was worth the $15 to get in... check back for more installations of photos later.

20 April 2009

What's in my bag?

What's in my bag?, originally uploaded by seedlinggirl88.

This is the stuff in my everyday bag. I take it to work and so I usually have my laptop power cord in there too, but it's obviously in use right now. :^)