19 January 2009

Can I Get a Paint Can?

Ok, I have a major creative bug just itching to get out and do some work on this room of mine. I think one of the loveliest things would be to paint my white walls grey. I am thinking of a nice, light grey with just enough substance to keep everything in the room from floating away. A sort of uncommon neutral. I also want to make new curtains. Nice long ones that actually go to the floor. I think I am going to remake the curtains that I have now into something else useful, and colorful maybe. I think it could be a very much more grown-up room with sophistication. But alas, right now my wardrobe is in the throes of being reorganized and taken stock of, all of my decorating treasures are on the table in the middle of the room, and my photographs are strewn here and there. And I dont want to spend a whole wad of money either. I think I could move everything around enought to paint... hmmm. More to come later as the ideas materilize.

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Anonymous said...

cool i got somthing for the walls to hang if you wont to it will be in the mail soon