19 February 2009


I find more and more every day that the Grace of God is ever present and unceasing. He is giving me the desires of my heart and molding me into a vessel although ever flawed, ever aims to be more like Him. For a long time I have made my aim something of this world and something totally worthless; like a college degree to make me feel better than a girl who I used to go to school with, or a job that makes me lots of money to show people that I am smart and have the skills to be successful. The more time I spend with Jesus and reading God's own Word, I find that all of these things are in vain if they are not done solely for the glory of God. No wonder I have felt aimless and confused and have questioned my reasons for doing the things that I do and what purpose they serve. I am more excited than ever to follow God and His plan for me in whatever I do. Sometimes, I have so little faith that the same God who made the universe and is so worthy of praise that even the mountains and trees praise Him, and often I doubt that He is big enough to care for me and guide my steps. I will never truly understand how big or how awesome God is, but I know that I will see glimpses of His Glory and His Grace and His Provision all throughout my life. I have no doubt of that.

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