04 February 2009

Records. You know, Vinyl

I am in such a mood to listen to my old records but I haven't found a record player that I liked yet. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on one right now anyway, so I'll just keep waiting. There are some really cool players out there that will record the original vinyl record into an MP3 right on your computer! I was listening to some old 40's music on XM Radio this morning. Some of the artists who I have records of were on and I wished I could hear a nice, warm, crackly, hissing version of the song. One of these days I will. I like how old records have strange noises going on while you play them and in between tracks, there is always still some sort of noise going on. You can hear the texture and shape of the vinyl itself. I have always been fascinated with it. Oh! I am so excited! I am going to go on a hike this weekend up north of here to a place I have never been. It's all go's unless somebody gets sick or something. It'll be nice to have a hike. I have to start doing my taxes here soon too. I am going to try not to wait to the last minute. Well, I should probably clean up the wreck of a room that I in the middle of since I won't have time the rest of the week.

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